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Oslo Aquatic Baby Conference

– In search of the optimal start in life.

When: 26. – 27. October Where: Quality Hotel, Gardermoen, 10 minutes from Oslo Airport Gardermoen. About 20-minutes from down town Oslo. Early Bird prices, before September 15th: #1: Single room and conference pack Saturday to Sunday: 3900,- NOK . #2: Two sharing double room and conference pack Saturday to Sunday: 3700,- NOK per person. #3: Single room bed and breakfast Friday night and conference pack Saturday to Sunday: 4900,- NOK. #4: Conference Pack (includes dinner Saturday) without hotel: 2700,- NOK #5: Two sharing a double room bed and breakfast. Friday and conference pack Saturday to Sunday: 5.100,- NOK

Full price, after September 15th to October 4th: #1: Single room and conference pack Saturday to Sunday: 4300,- NOK #2: Two sharing double room and conference pack Saturday to Sunday: 4100,- NOK per person #3: Single room bed and breakfast Friday night and conference pack Saturday to Sunday: 5300,- NOK #4: Conference Pack (includes dinner Saturday) without hotel: 3100,- NOK

#5: Two sharing a double room bed and breakfast. Friday and conference pack Saturday to Sunday: 5.500,- NOK


Key Note presenter: Anna Verwaal

Anna Verwaal is from the Netherlands. RN, CLE, is a Maternal-Child Health Nurse, Birth Consultant, Midwifery & Doula Instructor, Primal Period Educator, UCLA Certified Lactation Educator and birth photographer. She combines 35 years work experience with her own sensitive birth photography to illustrate how the conception, prenatal period and birth experience creates the blueprint that shapes our lives. She will explain how these preverbal experiences cause fears, belief-systems imprints and long-term patterns, and how they can show up in all aspects of our life.

Understanding fetal and newborn consciousness teaches us how to give future babies an optimum start in life. Anna will present the emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of birth and how we can give babies the optimal start in life.

She will present «From Womb To World, the journey that shapes our life». Mer om Anna her:


Aquatic Therapist: Sophia Michalopoulou, «Aquatic Therapist For Water Happy»

«When we come from the heart in our classes, there is very different feel and dynamic in the group than when we come from the mind. Silent observation, acceptance and flow are characteristics of a heart-based language that feels like love.»


International presenter: Daniel Zylberberg, Clinical Psychologist

He worked for 40 years in a child psychiatric ward. In 1970 heparticipated in the first aquatic awakening experiments in France as Secretary General of the FAAEL. He presented at the 2nd Congress of WABCS in Los Angeles and received a Virginia Hunt Newman award.

Author of many books and articles, he is now an expert member of the French Swimming Federation. He will present a lecture about «Aquatic Experiences: a space for early interactions».


International presenter: Tatyana Penzina

Tatyana is from St. Petersburg, and is a Watsu 1® Instructor, Birthlight® certified teacher of baby swimming, baby yoga, toddler yoga, perinatal yoga, birth preparation, RainbowKidsYoga® teacher, Sensory Integration therapist, Halliwick® therapist. She will have a presentation and pool workshop on Wastsu for babies. Watsu is a form of passive aquatic therapy inducing deep relaxation. More about Tatyana Penzina (download pdf)


International presenter: Beatriz Esesarte

Beatriz is well known in international baby swimming circles. She specialised in Aquatic Psychomotricity for all ages in her pedagogical studies. She developed the Aquasomatic Methodology and is founder of Acuarela, Educación Acuasomática,1988. In Mexico she pioneered the psychomotor foundations of the process of learning to swim.

In 1997 she brought international baby swimming teachers to Oaxaca as president of the organising committee of the IV World Aquatic Babies Conference.


International presenter: Terje Stakset

Terje has been working with baby and toddler swimming since the 1990’s. He has become renowned as presenter and author on the gentle way of baby swimming worldwide, presenting on all five continents. He has been instrumental in the education of instructors of baby swimming for the Norwegian lifesaving society for many years.

Internationally he has had instructor courses in China, Poland and Russia.

His book Swim with Love is internationally acclaimed.

For his work in the field of baby swimming, promoting a caring gentle approach to learning in and out of the pool, he has received the Virginia Hunt Newman award, International Swimming Hall of Fame.

Terje shall present «Babies need real interaction and communication – The Ripple Effect» where he emphasizes the importance of achieving real communication between babies and adults in order to promote positive learning experiences. He will talk about the importance of a loving relationship in the water between babies and adults. He will show how this communication can be achieved, how it promotes positive learning and how this is an investment in the future for the family’s wellbeing.


International presenter: Torill Hindmarch

Torill Hindmarch, Norge has a Master’s in Early Years Education and is Education Manager for the Norwegian Lifesaving Society (NLS). She has been a teacher in infant aquatics for forty years as well as working as a Kindergarten Manager. She is a well know international presenter.

Torill’s contact worldwide with other baby swimming experts and researchers involved in child development and education, has influenced how we teach our own instructors within the Norwegian Lifesaving Society.

Based on her knowledge of early years education and years of experience working with small children, Torill will show us how competent babies are if we give them a chance to show us. Presentation: «Let the Baby Show the Way».

For her work in promoting a gentle approach she was received the Virginia Hunt Newman Award 2014, International Swimming Hall of Fame.


Several lecturers will be presented continuously. We are working to gather a wide variety of interns with topics that will develop our understanding of babies and how we as instructors can give them the optimal start in life.

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